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Serving Individuals, Couples, and Families in the 

Greater Los Angeles Area

Payment Options

*Not all of our therapists accept the same payment options. Please refer to  "Our Therapists" page to see an individual listing of payment options.

Fee for Sevice- A payment is worked out between the therapist and client. The client is responsible for the weekly payment after each session.


Sliding Scale- The therapist agrees to a reduced hourly fee depending on the client's income and what he/she can afford.


Out of Network Provider- Client pays the weekly fee upfront, much like fee for service, then is reimbursed monthly by his/her insurance; percentage to be determined by insurance.


In Network Provider/ Insurance- The session is billed through insurance and the client is responsible for the weekly co-pay. Accepted forms of insurance will be listed by individual therapist.


To make an online payment through PayPal click on the Pay Now button:



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