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Serving Individuals, Couples, and Families in the 

Greater Los Angeles Area

 Rob Thomas, MA, 


Teen /Young Adult Addiction & Substance Abuse Case Management
Residental / Outpatient Treatment Consulting/Placement
Academic Advising
Family Systems Advocacy - Addiction & Substance Abuse
Sober & Recovery Alternatives
Travel, Speaking, Groups, Seminars
Life Strategies Coaching:
Teen /Young Adult Addiction & Substance Abuse Coching/Companion/Mentor
Outpatient Lifestyle Aftercare
Business / Academic Goal Setting
Lifestyle Performance: Motivation, Discipline, Structure
Parent Effectiveness Trainning/Coaching
Residential Home Based Family Coaching

Life Stategies Coaching:
Coaching Services / Web-Skpe / I-chat  Face-to-Face
Rob Thomas has extended his services to specialized coaching for teens / young adults who are experiencing challenges at home with family, friends, peers,education, drug use,   enter/exit of treatment,  etc. Whatever the case is, feeling motivated and feeling accepted and not judged is very crucial during these times for your teen. The importance of life skill development help promote and generate a focus to make change for long term excellent performance.

Companion Coaching:
Youth & Adult - both sober and non-sober
A Coaching Companion provides time-intensive service. When the client is best served by around-the-clock attendance, or attendance for a greater number of hours per day, we make all the difference in the world. JBY is available for local, national, and international travel. 

A Companion coach is particularly adept at running interference between the client and those who seek to provide drugs and/or alcohol to him or her. A Companion coach provides a sense of real companionship and camarade. 

If your teen/young adult or family is experiencing challenges and you are looking for solution focus, motivation, and encouragement; this just might be the time to seek out coaching with Rob Thomas.
Who Needs Coaching?
Indeed, everyone! There are as many people who resort to coaching as there are people. In general people come to coaching because they want a change, because they have higher expectations on how they should live their lives or deal with certain circumstances. 

Why Use a Life Coach?
If it was easy to alter those things that prevent us from changing our ways or moving forward then wouldn't we all do it tomorrow? The reality is that many of us put off change. We accept our lot and just live our lives, still wishing for change.

One could argue that help should come from family, friends or work colleagues. The truth is that these people often come to us with preconceived ideas and prejudgments about us. The reality is that we feel that we will never move forward but are likely to just go round and round in circles.

A Coach comes to us with an open mind and the skills to make things happen! They start with a 'blank sheet', they find out what makes us tick, help us to discover what we truly want to change and then set about helping us to create those changes. A Coach will help the client define success in their terms, and help them design their lives around their OWN definition.

Life Coaching can Change Lives
Ask any person who has experienced life coaching for themselves and they will tell you that it has changed their life, that it has brought them personal satisfaction and success, a deep sense of achievement and that they feel energized to move forward in a positive and purposeful way.

The benefits become truly visible and tangible when clients address their domestic situations, improve personal relationships, uncover hidden skills and talents, kick start their careers, change jobs, rid themselves of the things around them that are holding them back – the list is endless